Compnay Overview

Forever IT is an information technology firm in Bangladesh that provides expertise in all design, development and marketing solutions for businesses worldwide. It is founded by Muhammod Shafique in 2018. Since 2018 we have been helping global companies, make new brands as well as create new revenue streams for start-ups and established businesses alike. We have skilled and professional individual team in the design, development, and marketing department. We have also professional management and a dynamic support team. Our team works in an agile method and is able to manage well with our clients across the different stages of their multiple development projects. We are very aware of all our work especially our client's project and always have a cordial relationship with our clients. Our clients are always happy to work with us. Besides, we are providing training in various courses in the IT industry with the government to build a skilled youth society. From here, huge students are building their careers with us and working in different companies and online marketplaces. We are proud of all our students.

Meet Our Team

Ashikul Islam

UI & Brand Designer

Nurul Haque

Graphic Designer

Soleman Islam

Web Developer

Jakaria Hussain

Front End Developer

Abul Khoyer

Web Developer

Sarowar Hussain

Digital Marketing

Muhammod Shafique

Founder & CEO

Why Chose Us

Excellent Support

We always try to keep in touch with our customers. We are giving 24/7 support to our customers to solve any problem, question, curiosity. So knock on our support team without hesitation.

Awesome Team

We always maintain a separate team for management, design, development, marketing, and support. Each of our team members is skilled, experienced, and professional in their respective fields of work.

Best Quality

Our team is very conscious about quality and the management team does not compromise in this regard. We always want to give our customer a quality work as a gift. We also consider it a great responsibility in terms of quality.

Faster Performance

Our skilled, experienced, and professional team always tries to finish the project before the delivery time. So that we can review the project before delivery and resolve any minor errors due to unwanted reasons.